Essay on Evening Walk with a Friends in Summer for Students

Simple Essay on Evening Walk, After a day’s hard work in summer, a student enjoys nothing better than a walk with friend along the river-side. It is good for both mind and body. The air is cool, fresh, pure and free from dust. A walk at this time in summer is very refreshing and it is a healthy exercise too. It keeps us fit, strong and active.
Evening Walk with a Friend in Summer Essay

Evening Walk with a Friend in Summer

Yesterday it was awfully hot. I had to do my homework. I was not in a mood to do it, but it had to be done. I had never gone to the school with my task undone. I got up, took my seat at the table and set about doing it. While the pen was working, I was perspiring freely. When I finished my home-task, I at once thought of going towards the river side and spending an hour or so there to get myself refreshed after the day’s work. I got up, put on my clothes and called on my friends, Amit Sharma. We both set out for walks towards the Ganges.
The broad expanse of water before us, the soft murmur of the ripples and the beauty of the scenery around us filled our minds with great joy. The river looked charming at the time of sunset. Above, there was a clear blue sky, and below the river reflected like a mirror. How delightful it was to enjoy such a scene. It was indeed pleasant to breathe the refreshing breeze coming from the river after having remained shut up in the room for whole day.
While walking, we saw boats sailing up and down the river. We heard boatman and the persons sitting in them singing songs and making themselves merry. It was delightful to see cowherds leading their herds from the field near the river banks to home singing merely their homely songs. There were green stalks of corn nodding their heads up and down in the breeze. There were boys jumping from the bridge into the water, women coming with the earthen pots to take water from the river and many people bathing in the cold water.
We had prepared for the bath in the river. We put off our clothes and dived in. The water was really cold. We swam for some time. As darkness began to fall, we returned home, cheerful and refreshed. The evening walk and the bath in the river gave me a great appetite. When I came home, I found the dinner ready. I did full justice to it.


An evening walk in the summer, particularly along the bank of a river or canal really refreshes the mind and the body. It is very good for health; it gives us a light exercise.

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