Police Complaint Letter about Deteriorating Law & Order!

Sample Police Complaint Letter, here we are taking Central market Jaipur (an example), complaining about bad Law and order situation (such as pic-pocketing, chain snatching and kidnapping) in your area like.

Police Complaint Letter

M.S Nagar
Jaipur 5th January 2018
The Police Station
Central Market Jaipur,

Subject: Bad Law and Order Situation in M.S Nagar


I beg to draw your kind attention towards the most deteriorating law and order situation in this area. This colony has been turned into a hell by a group of naughty persons.

They roam here and there in the street and pass filthy remarks on the passers-by. Even the girls and the ladies find it impossible to go alone in this area.

They have the fair of chain snatching and kidnapping also. During the days, the bad characters gamble in the park and take wine. They lose their senses and look like hungry foxes.

In reality ‘Goondaraj’ is rampant everywhere. Under these conditions, it is not possible to take a healthy breath in the colony.

Kindly look into the matter personally and control the situation to avoids any miss-happening.

Thanking you for your kind co-operation. Yours Faithfully


Police Complaint Letter about Theft

Complaint Letter to Police Commissioner for Increasing Number of Thefts. Here you get a sample on How to write a letter to the Police department/Police commissioner complaining about the increasing number of thefts in your locality or city? Here we take an example of Bandra, Mumbai.

15, Bandra
5 November 2017, The Police Commissioner
Bandra Police Station, Mumbai

Subject: Increasing number of thefts in Bandra


May I have the honour to lodge a complaint against the increasing number of thefts in this area? In between 12.00 to 2.00 p.m. at night, many people in gang enter and break into the houses of the colony.

They take away all the things and torture the owner of the house at gunpoint. Terrorism has spread everywhere in the colony. They have put to death Manohar Lal and Yashwant yesterday.

People here are so terrified to talk to. In this state of affairs, it is requested that police patrolling team may be increased through night.

In the sensitive streets, police post may please be setup. I hope you will initiate stringent possible ways to catch the thieves so that the peace may restore.

Thanking you. Yours faithfully
Tarun Jain

Letter to Superintendent of Police reporting a case of theft

Another sample letter to Superintendent of Police reporting a case of theft at home. To

The Superintendent of Police,

Subject: Reporting a case of theft


I beg to inform you that in this morning when I got up, I found that somebody had broken into my house at night; I hurried to the locker room and found ornaments worth Rs. 50000 and some cash missing.

All the locks of the boxes in the room had been broken. The footprint of the burglar is still seen outside the house.

I shall see that they do not get erased before the arrival of the police. Nothing has been touched. All the articles are being left in the room intact.

A list of ornaments and other valuables stolen will be prepared when the officer deputed has seen and examined the trunks etc.

This daring theft has caused a sensation in our area and everybody feels that his life and property is not safe.

I, therefore, approach you with a request to institute an immediate enquiry into the matter and bring the culprit to book.

A reward of Rs. 5000 will be given to a person who helps me or the police in tracing the thief.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully
R.P Bhalla

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