A Bad Friend Essay: Whom You Do Not Seems To Like? [Signs of a bad friend]

bad friend essay

Bad Friend Essay [Signs of a bad friend]:A friend who does not help those, whom he calls his friend, in a time of their need, does not deserve to be called friend. Such fair-weather friends are always at hand. They will swarm around you as long as you are in a position to meet their demands and will leave you immediately as they see that you are of no use to them. They are in a way worse than enemies.

So is Kundan, he poses to be my friend, though I would not like to associate with him. He has very bad habit of gambling, he is a first rate gambler. They say he also drinks. His bad company has ruined the life of his many friends. He is not at all trustworthy. He will tell a lie when it suits him. His teachers do not like him; his parents are tired of his rude behavior and always wish that he would remain away from them. They are really ashamed of having such a worthless son. 
Such so-called friends bring only trouble and misery to their companions. Adversity is the touch-stone of friendship. It tries friends as fire tries gold. Adversity offers an opportunity to a friend to prove his worth. But a false or bad friend will always be found wanting and would never rise to the occasion. At every step he will deceive you and put you in trouble. These are the sign of bad friendship.
A true friend relieves our hardship, but a bad friend will be pleased to see us in hot waters. A real friend will console and help us in our grief, but Kundan, my bad friend, always feels pleasure in seeing his friends or relations in trouble and grief. He never gives any good counsel to those who seek the same from him. He will, on the other hand, give them such a bad counsel as will land them in trouble. May God save us from such friends?

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